These Pantry Foods May Be Doing You More Harm Than Good

In the information age we live in, it seems that people are more aware than ever of what they’re consuming on a daily basis. As we’re finding out, some foods that were previously thought to be healthy, like margarine, can actually be more harmful to you than what they were said to replace. For example, you may be shocked to discover the dirty secrets behind foods like agave nectar, rice cakes, and fat-free dressing. Even the foods you know are unhealthy, like frosting, may be surprisingly foul. Read on to see what foods you may want to consider banning from your pantry.

Rice Cakes Have A High Glycemic Index

Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images
Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

Harvard Health Publishing reports that rice cakes fall into the high glycemic index (GI) category, meaning that they have a GI of 70 or more. Why this matters is that the higher the GI, the more quickly your blood will rise when you eat it.

Aside from being a poor choice for diabetics, foods with a high GI flood you with energy and then leave you hungry shortly after. This imbalance can lead to increased hunger and cravings, which may tempt you to overeat.